Proposed daycare blocks away from potential shelter site

This sounds like a bad idea waiting to happen.

At next week’s Community Board 5 meeting, members will host a hearing for a special permit to build a 167-children daycare at 79-40 Cooper Avenue.

The owner of record is CS Cooper Avenue LLC, and they will be represented by Akerman LLP.

This proposed daycare is only one block away from 78-16 Cooper Avenue, the manufacturing site that’s long been rumored as a potential homeless shelter.

Though Councilman Bob Holden has maneuvered to transform the site into a school, the Glendale community remains restless.

Just a few weeks ago, residents caught workers illegally removing asbestos-laden tiles late at night. The illegal activity calls into question why work is being rushed there.

Could it have anything to do with transient hotels being allowed to be built in M1 light manufacturing zones?

Either way, opening a 167-person daycare at that location sounds troubling.

We’ll find out how CB5 members feel at the meeting on Wednesday, February 13th at 7:30 p.m. at Christ the King High School in Middle Village.


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